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Andrew Kennedy is a specialist in painting historic naval scenes, seascapes and other marine art. Most of his works are oil paintings although he occasionally paints in watercolours. Andrew was born in the North of England but has lived most of his life in Sussex and Kent. After his school years he joined the Blue Star line as an able seaman. During these years he was greatly inspired by the paintings of J. Spurling and W. L. Wyllie. His many and varied experiences of naval life and later living and sailing on the River Medway all served to further foster his great passion for marine artwork and for many years Andrew made his living selling his oil paintings.

Andrew loves to recreate great scenes from the past such as: Victory at Trafalgar, Temeraire and of course The Titanic and many more historic naval scenes. His detailed knowledge of naval history combined with his artistry has magnificently captured many such scenes. Andrew Kennedy is available for commissioned work of all varieties but especially in the area of historic naval and other seascape oil paintings.

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